Articles of Confederation and the Consitution Essay

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The United States discomfort and resentment towards a powerful federal government became obvious under the Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson and the idealists behind the document made this clear when listing an endless amount of persecutions that had come from King George and England's federal government. Thus when wartime arrived the national leaders created the Articles of Confederation loosely tying the thirteen colonies together. Congress then passed the bill and presented it to the states for ratification. Unfortunately the Articles of Confederation proved to be very ineffective in allowing America to govern as a one United Country. The colonists new government called a confederation formed a national government that was controlled directly by the states. This in turn created a weak federal government in which the states felt as though they were independent nations only linked to each other for limited purposes such as the Revolution. Once Great Britain surrendered and the United States became victorious, the United States government rapidly fell into chaos. With the ending of the war, the lack of loyalty and a national identity citizens gave way to only their own state governments and the federal government became nearly powerless. The federal government quickly suffered from multiple problems. For instance, Congress repeatedly struggled to assemble the required quorum of the nine states to view and vote on legislation. Rarely when requirements were fulfilled their remained little agreement between the states and policies. Because the United States economy was depleting from the war, Congress was provoked to propose various revenue taxes that were immediately shot down as they had no specific power to tax. As states began to coin their own money making intrastate trade complex, the federal government had no way of backing up its currency value.

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