Articles of Confederation Essay

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Articles of Confederation Michael Chitwood Hist 101 American Military University Professor John Hoptak The Articles of Confederation preceded the US Constitution as the primary document upon which our government and its processes were based. The Constitution, in fact, was made possible only after the Articles of Confederation paved the way for its creations. Americans have valued basically the same precepts throughout our history. Although there have been minor changes in the way they have been worded, these precepts remain at the root of our government. Even the articles of Confederation, of course, were preceded in time by other important documents that were at the basis of America. In 1776 this process started when the fathers of our country made a bold proclamation. That proclamation was the Declaration of Independence. They intended to free the country from English control and to venture out on their own as an independent country. Americans had to fight to obtain that freedom but ultimately we did just that. When the Revolutionary War was over our nation was faced with many complex tasks. One of the most taxing of those tasks was determining precisely how we would be governed and the Articles of Confederation represent one of our first attempts at addressing that task. After our independence we had to essentially form our governmental structure from scratch. In 1781 we adopted the Articles of Confederation. The major theme apparent in the Articles of Confederation is the protection of the people from an oppressive government. At that early point in our nation's history, however, our political ideology was somewhat tentative in many respects. In particular, we were debating the advantages verses the disadvantages of a federalist government. According to James Madison (as he delineated in the “The Federalist Papers”), a federal style

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