Articles of Confederation Essay

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The very first form of government in the United States was established through the Articles of Confederation. Many argue that from 1781 to 1789, the time frame that the Articles of Confederation were used, they provided the United States with an effective government. Their efficiency was challenged through issues regarding the economy, foreign relations, and land dealings out west. In hindsight, the decisions made concerning the western land dealings proved to be successful, but the other solutions had nothing to show for, leading our nation towards further headaches. While the Northwest Ordinance, enacted by these articles, suggested territory in the northwest to be separated into states, the Land Ordinance of 1785 decided that the northwest territories were to be divided into separate townships after success with the Northwest Ordinance. One section of six in each township was designated for public education, and slavery was not allowed anywhere in any part of these territories. The determining factor on judging when a territory could legally become a state was based on population; each territory had to lay claim to at least 60,000 inhabitants. Although great observation was instilled in the territorial decisions out west, it seems that there was not a great deal of interest expressed in the others such as those involving the American economy, and the foreign relations, especially relevant to Britain. In the letter of instructions to the United States Minister addressing Britain in 1785, John Jay stated, "You will in a respectful but firm manner insist that the United States be put, without further delay, into possession of all the posts and territories within their limits, which are now held by British garrisons.” Based on complete infractions pertaining to the Treaty of Paris, he rightfully demanded Britain to abandon their garrisons stationed all throughout

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