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Ruyah Mansour DBQ Essay 2/23/12 After the ratification of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, which established the 13 colonies as free and independent states, the Continental Congress began working on the framework of a document to become the law of the new land. As a result, eleven states drew up the Articles of Confederation, and Connecticut and Rhode Island revised all colonial charters in November of 1777. Despite all the hard work, it served only as a loose union of states with a weak central government and no executive or judicial branch. Therefore, from 1781 to 1789 the Articles of Confederation did not provide the United States with an effective government. The Articles of Confederation was ineffective in solving the new nations problems. Because of their experience with Great Britain, the people feared a powerful central government. Consequently, the Articles resulted in a powerless central government. In addition, the United States was more of a country composed of 13 nations rather than states. Each state had unanimous consent for ratification. On November 30, 1782 the Rhode Island Assembly sent a letter to Congress that stated they “enclose their unanimous resolution {to reject} the recommendation of Congress, respecting an impost on imported goods, &c.” (Document A) This letter demonstrates the lack of control Congress has over imposing tariffs and the lack of ability it has to govern. Another display of ineffectiveness is the population and the marketed value of British exported goods during the time of the Articles of Confederation. (Document B) In 1770, the United States had the smallest population and income. However, in the year 1775, just prior to the Articles of Confederation, with still a small population, it brought in the most income over a period of twenty-two years. In contrast, when the Articles of Confederation was in

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