Articles Of Conferderation- Dbq

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The statement “from 1781 to 1789 the Articles of Confederation provided the United Sates with an effective government“ is true to some degree because the articles were effective towards some events and ideas but toward others ineffective. The articles linked thirteen colonies together dealing with common problems. It was set up so that congress was to be the chief agency of the government and the judicial branch was left almost exclusively to the states As the articles were made to be weak, a loose model of what a confederation ought to be, they had some very effective outcomes. The articles clearly outlined the general powers that were to be exercised by the central government, such as making treaties and uniting the states in equality. It also showed France and Great Britain that America was beginning to form its own government, which would help achieve respect as a country. Document D shows the John Jay’s Treaty of 1784 where Britain agreed to the request of the states that they abandon their trading posts in the north-west and limit ship seizures because, America feared that Britain did not accept the Treaty of Paris and would later rebel. This agreement shows that the American government was earning respect and was becoming a stronger country that assumed some power in the world. Document E indicated how the articles were proved effective because the map shows the different Land Ordinances between the dates of 1781-1802 made by congress were very successful. Congress was able to handle these difficult tasks which seemed unsolvable with such understanding. The stop that congress put to Shay’s Rebellion is explained in Document G shows the government being capable to control the citizens in a quick, organized manner. Although the Articles of Confederation had some successes, they also were weak which made them ineffective. The congress was weak and was solely
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