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“Day of The Dots” All of Transition Year was approached by an architect by the name of Ciaran O’Brien. He was representing the architect firm, GCA and he had a proposal to make a team of TY students to design a new space for learning in our school. We would enter the competition and write a two page proposal full of ideas, one being the “Day of The Dots”. It was Ciaran’s idea as he said his firm used it to find the opinion of a massive amount of people about a particular idea. The idea was to get blueprints of the top and bottom floors of the school and an average classroom in our school, then we would put questions on them e.g. “Where is your favourite place to learn in the school?” Each student was given three different coloured dots-blue, green and red. Each one was to be used to answer the questions on the blueprints, even though there were instructions on the blueprints some of the brighter sparks in the school still managed to screw up and not use the dots, but to colour in blue, red and green dots on the blueprints in marker instead. We would then take the answered sheets and feed them into a heavy-duty printer/scanner at Ciaran’s architect firm as we had over 1400 sheets in total. These would be processed and the results would show where every student in the school had placed their dots. Green dots represented students’ favourite places and red dots the opposite. Clusters of dots appeared on the massive blueprint showing a number of students’ favourite and least favourite places in the school. Overall the day was a success and hopefully the results could be used to fix the places dis-liked the most by us - the students that have to spend five days a week in these classrooms, at the very least a couple of air fresheners could be used in the language room just for a start. Bank of Benildus The school bank has been run three times before this year

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