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In the first article the author s main argument indicates that the government doesn't use the constitution when bills are trying to be passed. There had been new rules that "every bill when introduced must be accompained by a statement citing the specific authority granted to congress by the Constitution under which it may pass the proposed law". (We The People, 2011). The congress is also limited to what there alloud to legislate and is shown in a case that had been made back in 1995. "In Lopez, the courts struck down the Gun-free School Zones Act on grounds that it excided congressional authority under the clause. Because of Lopez and a few other cases, there are some limits to what congress can legislate. If the individual mandate is upheld, there will be fewer". (We The People, 2011). This article had very few key points and hardly any information at all about these arguments. How do we know these things are really going to happen? In the second article the author explains about radio tags and other different ways of tracking students. In the first article, the author argues that "all new technology is neither good nor bad, there value is based on how there used". (Human Inventory Control, 2005).This argument stands out to me because we use tecnology for many things in our lives we rely on tecnolgy day to day. Another argument that caught my eyye was that the radio tag devices shouldn't be embrased without a serious disscussion in society. The biggest part of this argument is how the students will react with these new tracking devices. If schools do decide to use them the question then will these devices actually nevifit the school systems? Something that the author stated seemed very interesteing, as he had stated that, "It was inevitable that the radio tages that let cars breeze through toll plazas would get placed on, or in, people" (Human Inventory

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