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INHALE, EXHALE By Darlyn Ann Santiago F ebruary 26 to March 1, 2013 – the sparkling week for Arellano University brightened the whole Andres Bonifacio Campus. All the students, staff, faculties and performers from the outside community joined the celebration. A.U-Pasig turns 75 and it was a reason to refrain from the stresses of hard work. Different activities were hosted to help students develop their thinking, physical ability and self-confidence. Most of them just waited for the twilight to come when the most highlighted events would start. Comedy, variety, talent show and Live Band didn’t fail to entertain the audiences. Only to prove that the 75th Foundation Week of Arellano University was no doubt a success. It was accounted the Supreme Student Council Officers, supporting students who actively participated in different activities and the School Officials especially the AVP and the Deans of the Colleges. It is a good thing that celebrating the Foundation Day is one of the activities encouraged in school it is form of a recreation wherein the students can relax for a week by exhaling all the pressures and inhaling the experiences that school can be a fun world to be in. I LOVE YOU, MA AND PA By Darlyn Ann Santiago November 11 is a date that will never be forgotten by the family Francisco B. Bañez Sr. On this day, another good husband and father passed away. Not one member of the family had dry eyes when the bad news was announced. “Tatay, never failed to bring and fetch me to school through our horse during my elementary and high school days.” My mother sadly told me days after the funeral. I was still young during those times. In fact, Lolo and I never had a single time spent together. He was unconscious when he came to Manila for medication. According to my mother, Lolo was hit by a motorcycle some weeks ago and it caused him to be in

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