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The articles below are reports of the same incident in two newspapers. Comment on some of the differences between the two reports. The articles are taken from two different kinds of newspapers. Article one is taken from a tabloid while article two is taken from a broadsheet newspaper. There are several differences between these two kinds of newspapers. Broadsheets are usually large around 20 inches long. They are usually the nation’s most respected newspapers. They use a serious tone in their articles and emphasize in depth the information on their stories. This kind of newspaper is usually read by upscale suburbanites On the other hand Tabloids are smaller in size and contain shorter stories. They are mostly read by middle class workers. Their writing style is much slangier and they just provide the essentials. They focus more on celebrity gossip and sensational crime stories. In the first article we can already acknowledge that it is a tabloid article since in the very first line the word “pal” is used which wouldn’t have been used in a broadsheet newspaper. The way the writer writes the news about the tragedy is simple with the use of direct speech. Words such as “blasted” and “pump-action” are used to make the story more exiting. Other details which aren’t really needed such as the price of the cottage are given to also include some celebrity gossip inside the story. The language used in the second article is much more serious. It is obviously taken from a broadsheet newspaper. It is more to the point and uses posh words such as “cordoned” and “cabaret”. Details given in the tabloid article were left out since they aren’t really of importance to the story. Words are put more in a classy way rather than just stating what the people said such as “they were keeping an open mind on the possibility of it being an accident” rather than just stating “I

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