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Iris Ipina Composing Process Ms. Kelly Ivory February 11, 2014 Article Summary In the article “The GSU: Finally, Something to Respect” Godfrey Smith states that the implementation of the GSU in Belize is necessary and beneficial. Smith argues that it’s not possible that the youths are the ones being used by gangsters to intimidate people and do their dirty work and no punishment is given to them due to influences. Smith’s confirms that the only way to turnover this situation is by allowing the GSU to continue doing their job the way do and to distribute throughout the country their team for our country to be a more safer place for all Belizeans. Throughout this article Godfrey Smith implements rhetorical strategies which do give his article a gist that allows its readers to see the necessity and the benefits of the GSU in Belize. For example in the first paragraph of his article he uses a specific example to get the attention of the readers for them to be able to realize how delicate is the situation when it comes to violence and how they believe they can get away easily without having any serious consequences. The effectiveness of this strategy applies in a positive way since it alerts the country to realize that the criminals do not fear the authorities anymore and there for a team like the GSU is of great help for all Belizeans safety. By using this strategy Smith make sure that his point is left clear which is the need of the GSU. Another example of rhetoric that he implements in his article is the use of statistics. He outlines the population of Belize and also the number of convicted cases of murders whereby justice is actually made. With the aid of this statistics the public get to realize that truly the local authorities find enough evidence that can make the criminals pay for their crime so a special unit like the GSU is vital for justice

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