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Article Summary

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  • on October 6, 2013
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Summ Author | Year | Method | Result |
| | Participants | Intervention Approach | Measure | |
Article 1: Risk of disordered eating attitudes among adolescents in seven Arab countries by gender and obesity: A cross-cultural study |
Nadira A. Al–Baghli, Aqeel j. Al-Ghamdi, Khalid A. Al-Turki, Ahmad G. El-Zubaier, Mahmood M. Al-Ameer, Fadel A. Al-Baghli | 2008 | Residents of Saudi   (Eastern Province )who were 30 years or above.Total participants were 195,874 | It was a community screening campaign that was organized for early detection of hypertension and diabetes | SPSS was used to measure and compare the BMI (Body Mass Index) | Out of all participants:   * Obesity: 43.8%   * Overweight: 35.1%   * Underweight: 1.3%   * Peak prevalence of Obesity: 50-59 age group     * Obesity was higher in women   * Among Women Obesity was higher in housewives |
Article 2: The NSW Schools Physical Activity and Nutrition Survey |
The NSW Schools Physical Activity and Nutrition Survey | 2004 | Students of NSW, Australia (both government and private schools in rural and urban areas). Students of class 2,4,6,8 & 10 were selected | Students were given questionnaire to access following things:   * Food Habits   * Physical activity level     * Mode of travel     * Eating pattern | The weight was measured to find out the overweight and obesity | Near about 20% of 10 year boys and girls hadIncreased   concentrations of insulinMore than 10% of children were prone to diabetics |
Article 3: Self-esteem and quality of life in adolescents with extreme obesity in Saudi Arabia: the effect of weight loss after laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy |
Saleh M. Aldaqal, Mohammad G. Sehlo | 2012 | Total 64 adults of Saudi32 with extreme obesity and other 32 non obese adults |     * Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale     * Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory version 4.0 | Body mass index (BMI) Z scores were calculated for both groups. | Poor Self-esteem and bad quality of life was found in Group...

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