Article Review: the Origin of Old-Earth Geology and Its Ramifications for Life in the 21st Century

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Article Review: The Origin of Old-Earth Geology and its Ramifications for Life in the 21st Century Introduction Dr. Terry Mortenson published “The Origin of Old-Earth Geology and its Ramifications for Life in the 21st Century” on August 5, 2003. In this article he described how scientist formed opinions of the age of the earth and how it was formed prior to the 19th century. Furthermore he discussed how geology was debated between believers and non-believers. Overview Popular scientist of the times developed a theory of the earth’s age and formation without acknowledging God existed and therefore was not a part of creation. Scientist developed many of their own personal opinions about creation. In the early 19th century there were three views of earth history: Catastrophists, Uniformitarians and the Scriptural Geologists (T. Mortenson, 2003). The article points out that the Scriptural Geologists studied the earth and Biblical scripture extensively while forming their theory on earth’s creation and debunking old-earth theories. Scriptural Geologists believe the Bible is an accurate account of the earth’s six twenty-four hour day creation. The article further contends that scientist opinions are based on their individual worldviews. Article Strengths Dr. Mortenson did a great job identifying the four most geologically competent scriptural geologists along with detailing their extensive research and findings. Dr. Mortenson gave enough detail about these geologist’s background to allow the reader to feel confident with their creditability and believability. He identified several scientist by name and explained how they developed their theory to help the reader understand the background of the theory. Article Weaknesses The article is written with an obviously bias opinion by the writer. While Dr. Mortenson gives the reader just enough information about
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