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Thinking, feeling and deciding: The influence of emotions on the decision making and performance of traders; Fenton –O’Creevy, Soane, Nicholson and Willman (2010) Emotions play important role in everyday life and are constantly affecting us in our daily activities. In other words effective functioning in the workplace is the result of the strategic tools of management skills (Tracy, 2005). The article ‘Thinking, feeling and deciding assesses whether emotions play a core role in the normal business activities of traders which contends that emotion plays the central role in the nature of the performance of the traders’(Fenton-O’Creevy at el, 2010, pp.1044-1061). The article elaborates on emotions; emotion-regulation, decision making, traders, and intuition which is imperatively and comprehensively addressed throughout the research. However, emotions also differ with gender (gender emotions). Emotions further acknowledge emotional labour as well because its plays significant role in daily activities in the performance of decision making in every discipline. This piece of work will support the authors’ argument while highlighting some key limitations such as gender emotions, emotional labour, and the methodology used and would be concluded. Fenton-O’Creevy, Soane, Nicholson, and Willman, (2010) present a qualitative study that develops the function of emotion, intuition and emotion regulation in financial making decisions. Three specific questions were asked in this research. Firstly the assessment of emotional role in decision making in financial trades. Secondly, the nature of the traders’ personal understanding of the role of emotions and analysing the relationship between traders’ emotion regulations strategies, engagement with affectively cue intuitions and decision making performance. This is because trading is actually marketing as there are choices and

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