Article Review: Close Relationships Sometimes Mask Poor Communication

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Communication Is Key Jamille Hughes Interpersonal Communication Instructor: Babawale Alao Date: June 11, 2012 The article Close Relationships Sometimes Mask Poor Communication is a great reading and it helps people to understand why communication is key when it comes to establishing great relationships. If a strangers relationships with you is similar to the relationship of a close relative or friend which could be pretty scary. Having the lines of communication open in any relationship is necessary in order to establish a decent and functioning relationship. In relationships, you are going to have disagreements and other issues that can cause bigger problems in the relationship. If you keep the lines of communication open, this can…show more content…
I am a twin and we are very close, but we also have our disputes. Many times during our disputes they turn out to be miscommunications. I can recall very recently my sister and I had a huge disagreement that turned out to be a miscommunication. There was a comment that I made that she misunderstood and it turned into a huge blow out. Once we calmed down, we were able to take out our disagreement and come to a consensus that we both were wrong. We were having a discussion about our children. Everyone knows that those types of discussions can either go good or bad very quickly. This one just so happen to do so. Normally, we would not argue about children, but the statement that was made by me was taken out of context. We ended up settling everything, but that just goes to show how things can go left if you are miscommunicating with other people. Miscommunication is described as a lack of clear or adequate communication. In order to make sure that a miscommunication does not happen in the future, you have to make your voice well heard. Make sure that you are saying things in a way that it cannot be mistaken for anything other than it is. When you begin to talk to people, you have to use a clear mind and sound judgment about the topic at hand. The other party involved in the conversation should also bring some of these qualities as
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