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Organizational Learning as an Organization Development Intervention in Six High Technology Firms in Taiwan: An Exploratory Case Study by B. Y. H. Lien, R. Y. Hung & G. N. McLean Article Review By Sharmistha Ray Introduction Organizational development intervention aims to create an atmosphere to sustain higher levels of efficiency, better team performance, and achieves more effective result which has a positive impact on the bottom line. Every organization is unique and requires distinctive solutions. Organizational development also aims at enhancing organizational effectiveness based on planned interventions. It is a planned change process. Organizational learning provides opportunities of learning in day to day work. The changing economy demands strategies for integrating learning and work. Main Argument Organizational learning theory states that in order to be competitive in this global economy, organizations need to focus on changing goals and require planned action to achieve these goals. Organizations must change in response to the rapidly changing circumstances. To prosper in this fierce global competition, it is important for organizations to engage the employees in acquiring new knowledge and skills to stay ahead of the competition. Learning has become an integral part of the organization structure and strategic planning. It is necessary to provide a supportive learning environment for the employees and management must work towards creating one in their organization. This article argues how theory can be put into practice. A research study is done to determine how learning process was implemented in six high-technology organizations in Taiwan (Lien, Hung, McLean, 2007). The three key points to support this argument are: 1. The goal of learning organization is to provide strategies that promote a systemic approach which creates a culture

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