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Article Review Megan Orr June 21, 2015 MGT/426 Article Review Life is evolving and changing every day. Globalization has set out to encourage organizations to improve and develop those roadmaps to be able to achieve the organizations plans and goals. The more organization a company has the better chance they have of learning and surviving in such a rapidly changing environment. The article talks about so much about change and how an organization has to be ready to jump at that change in order to be successful and that comes with organization. The article is mainly about the learning organization. The world changes every day as so the way of learning. I could say that we all including individuals our self and organizations must gain the learning habit. Characteristics of the learning organzaition is built upon an assumption of competence that is supported by four qualities or as which can be called characteristics which include curiosity, forgiveness, trust, and togetherness. Learners that like to learn alone can sometimes be poor learners, as to where you have some people that learn from each other and create good work. Incidental learning is also interesting as some learning is never intentional. It means treating every incident as a case study from which as we can learn from. All organization should want to be learning organizations. The author had a lot of good recommendations throughout the article. I like the part about how experiments can fail but to take it as a learning experience. Everything you do in life is either going to work and be a success or fail. But the way that you take the failure is what matters. You have to take the failure and turn it into a learning experience and see what could have been done differently or how it ended up failing. This can be said towards multiple things not just in an organization but in life events as well.

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