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Name: PRESCILLA L. ALZATE Prof: Mr. Marvin Daguro Subject: ICT2 Time: April 13-21, 2015 (7:30-4:30 am) Title: Technology in Education . Title: Technology-enhanced learning and teaching in higher education Author: Taylor Francis Source: Date of Retrieval: © 2013 . Introduction In education it is often taken for granted that technologies can ‘enhance learning’ and the term ‘Technology Enhanced Learning’ (TEL) is increasingly being used in the other parts of the world. Referring to the purpose of information and communication technologies to teaching and learning, TEL has a confusing variety of meanings however, it is rare to find clear statements about what TEL actually means. Most often, TEL is considered similar with tools and communications and the other defines TEL as ‘Enhancing learning and teaching through the use of technology. Using technology can be costly, not only in terms of the financial investment made by institutions for communications, equipment and technical support staff, but also in relation to the personal investment made by staff and students in using the technology for teaching and learning. But technology helps to improve the learning experience of students and among members of the higher education community can help academic teachers to concentrate on effective uses of technology and to avoid the unnecessary duplication of effort and expense. . Abstract The term Technology-enhanced learning (TEL) is used to describe the purpose of information and communication technologies to teaching and learning. Explicit statements about what the term is understood to mean are rare and it is not evident that a shared understanding has been developed in higher education of what constitutes an enhancement of the student learning experience. Technology help the students

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