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Page 1 of 3 ARTICLE REVIEW/CRITIQUE Online: What is an article review or critique? An article review or critique is a specialized form of writing in which the reviewer engages with a scholarly source — usually a journal article or academic book — by reporting its main ideas, claims, positions, or findings, and the reasoning which supports these ideas and by critiquing its contribution to knowledge in the discipline in which it is published. Thus, scholarly review or critique consists of summarizing and evaluating an academic source that is of interest to academic audiences. How are academic or scholarly critiques different from other reviews I have read? You may have written book or movie reviews or critiques or read such reviews in newspapers and magazines in the past. The academic or scholarly review is likely different, however, from these types of reviews in terms of its audiences and goals. Most book and movie reviews published in magazines or newspapers assume a general reader or moviegoer. They advise the general audience to either buy a certain book or see a particular movie. They offer an opinion which may be based on expert knowledge or not and which may be supported with reasoned proof or not. These reviews are not generally written to advance understanding in an area of research, but to offer a persuasive opinion. The scholarly critique or review, on the other hand, usually offers an actively engaged response to a scholarly writer’s ideas, which represents more than simply an opinion, and the informed engagement that the reviewer offers is always supported by thoughtful reasoning and proof. Hence, writing an article review is a way for university students to display their knowledge of a scholarly topic; to engage with ideas, theories, research and information in their disciplines or programmes; to rethink and extend ideas

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