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James Wood and Alex Guth wrote an article on East Africa’s Great Rift Valley which is in Africa. One of the most interesting creations of the world is in the East African Rift System. It is a place where forces from the earth are making new plates and splitting old plates. This is called rifting. The meaning behind this article was to converse over the geology of the rifts and shows the process in how they are formed. Main parts of the paper were that Wood and Guth describe the paper into two parts. The first part that he explains is East African Rift System and the second part the East African Rift. Wood and Guth divided the East African Rift System then into two sub-categories. The two sub-categories are the East Africa Rift System and the second is how the rifts were formed. At the end of their article they included other points of interest about the rifts. The most valuable information in this paper is how the rifts are forming in East Africa and the effect on the continent. The strength of the article that I see to be important is the information they provided concerning the rifts and how they are formed. The way they wrote the article helps people understand what is going on in Africa. Wood and Guth provided pictures and maps in the article which helps to see the location of these rifts. When reading the article and looking at the pictures I could relate to what they were describing as well as see where it is located. The points that were clear in the article are how the rifts are formed as well as how the new rift split apart from the old ones. The authors did add a conclusion with their article. However, they could have add more information to the conclusion of the paper than just described how complicated the system of the East African Rift is. I do not know much about the East Africa Rift System however from the information that I read. I find it to

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