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Article Review Erick Duran MGT/426 July 24, 2013 Craig Clark Article Review Change is inevitable and that is especially true in today’s world. There are things that exist in today’s society that did not exist 10 years ago. The world is changing at a very rapid pace and people have to adapt and keep up with whatever new obstacle is thrown at them. What is relevant now may not be so in a couple of years. In the article titled “Managing Change Successfully”, the author discusses how he used to live in a world that seemed so normal and then started changing with all of the new inventions that came out. The world has evolved in to a market that makes business easier for global markets with the use of telecommuting from home and companies also have 19 year old multimillionaires running companies (Brownell, 2000). 
The world will change dramatically and so much so that whatever changes have occurred in the past 10 years will seem like minor changes compared to what is to come (Brownell, 2000). 
 The author gives key points on how to view and accept change. She indicates that change should be seen as good thing and should be embraced. With some key points she gives people ideas on how to use this for all changes. One of the key points made was to view change as an opportunity, not as a threat (Brownell, 2000). Why fight what is going to happen anyway? Use the energy that the change has brought on and harness it to a useable advantage. Use this change as a good thing and by doing so; people will be more receptive to great ideas. Another key point made was to involve others in the decision making process (Brownell, 2000). When people are included in this important process, they feel that their opinion counts and are more willing to embrace the change, which makes life easier for all parties involved. Saying things over and over will show people that the truth is

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