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U01d1 – Management Article Review The main theme of the article: "Being the Boss", written by Carmen Nobel is based on a book titled: "Becoming a Manager" written 19 years ago by a Harvard Business School professor - Linda A. Hill. “Being the Boss describes the challenges that good bosses face as they strive to manage themselves, their networks and their teams”. (Hill & Lineback, 2011). The information in this article will help me explore the topics of this course by realizing that being a good boss or manager is not about authority. Today's management is not defined by formal authority as it was 25 years ago, when managers used their titles to impose their willpower on others. In fact, now a day’s, formal authority is basically obsolete. To be a successful boss you need to establish a relationship with your employees. Most managers believe in doing so, it will affect their role as the employee's manager. They end up ignoring the human side of acquiring a working relationship with their employees, not understanding that employees want a more personal connection with their management team. Two of our "key" managers have no people skills whatsoever; they are highly successful individually and know every aspect of their jobs – but they are extremely authoritative and aggressive when it comes to communicating with their team and other employees. They have no working relationship or communication with the people who performs the work; unless they need something from them - or to speak to one of them directly. My manager is a little more personal – (maybe it’s due to the fact that I am the only female on my team); but he communicates effectively, we do team building sessions and sometimes we get together after work and socialize outside of the office which I believe builds better working relationships between the employees and manager. We get to let

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