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Article Review Olayemi Ode-Martins University of Phoenix Article Review Selected article Nekoranec, W. (2009). Ethical leadership and OD practice. OD Practitioner, 41(2), 2. Retrieved on February 8, 2013 from A summary of the article’s main points The Author, Wendell Nekoranec (2009), reflected on hints about the ways successful companies weathered the economy and leadership struggles during the recession. Nekoranec, believes ethical leadership and success are connected through community development. According to Nekoranec and Kusky (2005), an ethical leader considers his purpose as well as his followers’ purpose, while making efforts to achieve the goals suitable to both of them. Ethical leaders need to be considerate of the community interests, do not need to overlook the followers’ intentions, and need to work harder for the community goals. A summary of the conclusions of the article It is essential to note that ethics are an essential to leadership (Kellerman, 2004). A leader must drive and influence the subordinates / followers to achieve a common goal, be it in case of team work, organizational quest, or any project. Your evaluation of the article’s conclusions Inside and outside the organization’s collaboration was established. This collaboration brought more possibilities and ideas into the leaders’ way of managing complex circumstances, which built bonds among organizations and among people within an organization. Trevino et al, (2003) mentioned that collaboration spreads power and responsibility so that more voices are heard, stresses are reduced, and opportunities for problems solving increased. Answers to the following questions: * How might your way of thinking change because of the article? * The change will be based on the fact that an ethical leader should not use his

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