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The second article we are to review is Five Trends for Schools by Shelley Lapkoff and Rose Maria Li. Within this review, I will give an overview of the article while sharing my reflection on the topics discussed. Within my reflection you will find how the article aligns with the ELCC standards, and my implications on how I can use this information in my school as an administrator. The purpose of this article is to discuss how schools in the United States are affected by and deal with change in demographics. This article enlightens us on five demographic trends that are influencing school districts around the United States (Lapkoff & Li, 2007). Trend one discusses the enrollment roller coaster. The reason why it is considered a rollercoaster is because the birth rate in the United States increases at various times, then decreases at others. This increase and decrease causes schools to close, re-open or cause school districts to build new buildings. Not only is the rollercoaster effect caused by unsteady birth rates, Lapkoff and Li (2007) also state that large numbers of families move away from a particular area at the same time due to economic and other local issues. While large groups of families move away from certain areas, large groups of families move into others. These families are attracted to these areas due to a local attraction such as colleges or schools that have higher and better test scores. According to Lapkoff and Li (2007), urban area schools are hardest hit when it comes to school closures due to families leaving the city, as well as having record low birth rates. Schools that remain open with low enrollment suffer from lose in funding, programs, and teachers. I find this trend to be quite interesting. I always knew there was a fluctuation in enrollment due to various reasons, but didn’t think school districts would close buildings because of low

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