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An Exploration of the Therapeutic Use of Spiritual Disciplines in Clinical Practice Nikole Nickels Liberty University Summary This learner chose this article in hopes of gaining a more in depth understanding of how a therapist can incorporate religion into counseling techniques. The article addressed several key issues which can lead to a break down between client and therapist when attempting to use religion as a therapeutic tool. The main key to overcoming these issues is evaluation of client and education of the counselor. A counselor must first gain an understanding of the client and the importance religion plays in their life. One can gain this knowledge through different assessments and by simply talking with the client. It is important the person being treated never feels like they are defending their religion or being pressured by it. Also, if a client suddenly denounces a religion or spiritual belief, this information could be very important in treating them because this event could have been a catalyst to their current problem. Counselors must examine two aspects within themselves before using religion/spirituality to treat a client. First, a therapist must determine whether or not their personal beliefs conflict with the clients, and if so can the therapist set aside personal feelings. Second, a therapist must be adequately trained in the religion they are seeking to interject into treatment. They must have a full understanding of the principles and doctrines of the specific religion/belief. Without the appropriate knowledge of the information, a therapist risks insulting the client and doing unsalvageable damage to the client/therapist relationship. Interaction This learner felt the article did not fully explain how to use Spiritual Disciplines in treatment. The article did explain the importance of a client’s religion in

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