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I read the article “Cell Phones Allow Anytime Learning” from the ASCD website. The article was an interview with Liz Keren-Kolb who has spent the past six years researching how to use student cell phones in class and, of course, why they are not. She identified four reasons why she thinks now is a great time to push using students’ own cell phones in class. First, schools realize that policies banning mobile technology are not working. I agree with this. Now that mobile devices can do everything from play music, access the Internet and make phone calls, are teachers and principals really going to spend their time looking over students’ shoulders asking, “What are you doing with that device?” I really feel we all have better things to do. Also, it is a public school, not prison after all. Banning this technology also just demonizes it. Any technology is just a tool, it is up to the user as to its use. If schools just keep banning it, it sends the message that mobile devices are useless. As Keren-Kolb says, mobile devices are tools that society obviously values and this creates a conflict between schools and society. Students will view schools as backwards and out-of-touch. We talked in class about students resenting “powering down” when they enter school and this is a perfect example of that. Another reason mobile technology might make a surge in schools is that utilizing students’ own mobile device is not very expensive for school districts. Nearly every student owns one and those that don’t can probably borrow one from the schools. A school could easily buy enough mobile devices to have a loaner program and at a fraction of the cost of providing laptops to every student that does not have one. This is another great way to link up schools and society and therefore make education relevant to students’ own lives. Using students’ own technology could
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