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In the opinion piece ‘One bucket good, two buckets better’ Published on May 2007 Adam Barnes argues that the lack of water is caused by lack of rain. The writer uses a serious and convincing tone and very logical to encourage the reader to believe that people are failing to build more dams because less rain is falling. By using that tone of voice the readers might get influenced. The writer used lots of different language devices to help the reader understand the opinion piece. The Writer uses many devices for the opinion piece such as rhetorical question. An example is when he says ‘is it a good idea to put more than one bucket?’ the purpose was the writer thinks that we are on his side. Adam Barnes wanted the readers to agree with his point of view. The effect is that the reader does not want to stand there like a stunned mullet they will agree with the writer. Another device the write used in the opinion piece was inclusive language and an example is when he says ‘We did not build another dams. The purpose the writer used it for is to persuade the readers that the majority of people agree with him. Both of visuals used in the two opinion pieces show extreme drought condition and the pictures support the two opinion pieces. In the picture you can see a dry land and dry trees which shows that there has been less rain falling. It gives the readers a clear message of what is happening. The similarity between the two opinion pieces both talk about how they want to build a new dam to help the water storage. And the difference between the two opinion pieces is one talk about the nature and how it is better than the humans and we should do something about it. The other talks about how the lack of water is caused by the lack of planning. Overall the articles intention is to build new dams for our water storage. Building new dams is a good idea because they want to

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