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Assignment #1: Article Critique Main Points and Key Arguments The main point of the reading is that if African American behaviors are to be studied, then using one theory will not satisfactorily explain the black experience. However, Social Scientists should consider using theoretical strips for analyzing African Americans. The author See, L. A. refers to going back to Africa and using that also as a basis for examining the social behaviors of African Americans. Social Scientists must recognize the changes that occurred in shaping some of the behaviors that maybe exhibited due to their survival from being brought from their homeland thru slavery. (See, 2007) It is evident that the author supports several facts to this point by including the use of Psychoanalytic and Social Learning Theory as the main models used trying to understand African American behavior. Some of the arguments pertaining to Psychoanalytic theory state that it is not the best in understanding the behavior of black people. This is due to intellectual overload cloaked in obscure archaic terminology. Many of the misconceptions about the community were largely due to a small percentage of ultraconservative African Americans contaminating the data being collected by the social scientists consequently continuing the oppression of their own race. In the article by Graham, M.J. the author stated that social work towards black families are racist, especially the use of institutional racism that plays a key factor in the continued oppression of the African American culture. According to the Awoson, Hall & Sandberg article they point out that in therapy involving black families there are many cultural concerns and barriers. The most frequently occurring concerns that were reported involved a lack of understanding and mistrust of non-Black therapists. (Asowon, Sandberg & Hall 2011)

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