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ETHICAL PROBLEM OF GAMBLING DORIS FORTSON ASHFORD UNIVERSITY INTRODUCTION TO SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY SOC120: SHERRI BOYD May 14, 2012 ETHICAL PROBLEM OF GAMBLING A person that has let him or herself to become over taken by drugs, alcohol, sex and even gambling has a habit that controls them. The growth in well known casino gambling, online gambling and gambling to spike currency for charitable organizations has many social and ethical issues. Gambling and the chances to gamble has a lot of problems that come along with it in the society today with the person who fight the battle put up a great effort with the addiction. There are casinos that are prospering all over the world and the gambling addiction is increasing. The results from new casinos opening up makes it harder for the people who have gambling problem. There you have a compulsive gambler, a problem gambler, social gambler, and a professional gambler. This behavior you or your family and friends to suffer from the uncontrollable habit. They have to reevaluate themselves and see is it worth putting their loved ones at risk. According to The Boston Globe, as it stated(gambling addiction it talks about gambling has the power of public policy to take part and deal with topic as different as addiction, such as tribal rights, organized crime, suicide, and divorce. Society is making online gambling so easy, it is right there at your finger tip. You do not even have to leave your home to have access to gamble. By making this so convenient, it makes the temptations harder to ignore the urge to play and become deeper in to gambling. When this happens, you are not able to take a thought of what you are losing and at what cost. There is a chance that the person is putting themselves, family and their friends at risk. Most gamblers do not take care of their responsibilities. When this

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