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The New York Times Assignment (due in class during the first two minutes on Tues. Feb. 11) (You must stay for the entire class period. Do not try to drop-off and leave.) Print out two long-format articles from The New York Times that show different sides of the same issue. Type 1.5-2.0 pages with complete sentences addressing the following four questions. Quotes are mandatory! (Double-spaced, typed, Times New Roman 12 point font, 1” margins) Step 1) Identify two authoritative articles involving religion and a political, ethical, or aesthetic issue: (Examples from Biondo’s Religion and Culture textbook include: war, violence, reconciliation, nationalism, colonialism, science, women, sex, law, justice, economics, nature, tourism, education, family, children, dying, healing, art, music, sport, humor, film, memorials, or consumerism.) Suggestions: Read a paper copy of The New York Times for a week and pick out your favorite story involving religion. Or browse through the Religion in the News webpages of The New York Times, Washington Post, PBS, BBC, Pew Forum, Religion Dispatches, and Trinity College. Links are provided on Professor Biondo’s homepage under “Resources for Students” and “Newspapers” at Look for a story that has long-term significance that appears authoritative. Do not use a wire service such as AP or Reuters. The author’s name must be given. Choose a recent article. An opinion or editorial article (op-ed) should be written by an expert, rather than a pundit. Textual Authority Question 1) What about the story is the most authoritative? First look for quotes, specific details, and logical connections between ideas. Look for new knowledge from interviews with participants or eyewitnesses. What about the content or writing-style makes it more authoritative? Personal Authority Question 2)
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