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Courtney Marra ENG 100 RR # 3 September 24, 2013 Superman and Me In the article “Superman and Me”, Sherman Alexie talks about his struggles learning to read and how the Superman comics and his fathers love for books, helped him understand certain aspects of reading. He says that even though the words were foreign on the page, just looking at the words and spaces in the book, he could understand that paragraphs were fences that held words. He compared a paragraph to his family, saying that each family member existed as a paragraph, but still had the genetics and common experiences to link them. Using the Superman comics, even though he could not read the words right away, he got a main sense of what was going on in the plot and story based on the pictures and graphics. He states,” He has a red, blue and yellow suit. The brown door shatters into many pieces. I look at the narrative above the picture. I cannot read the words, but I assume it tells me that 'Superman is breaking down the door.'”…show more content…
Alexie, himself, is telling the story about how he learned to read through comics, but is also explaining how it helped him understand. He goes into detail about how his house was full of books because his father loved to read. He was surrounded by books and things to read and could grasp the concept of reading. The main point, I believe, the author is trying to make in this article, is that there are many ways to learn new things without actually going to school. He learned from his fathers books, and comic books, and applied himself step by step. He talks about how all Indians on his reservation, were expected to be stupid, but he was arrogant enough to prove them wrong, and is now an educated and successful

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