Article Analysis: Organizational Design

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ARTICLE ANALYSIS: ORGANIZATIONAL DESIGN Assessing the fit between the objectives of academic learning and the professional requirements within organizational change and development the article provides an analysis of the requiring aspects for practitioners by implementing thematic content. However, analyzing organizational design theory and practice indicate the significance of the components. The main focus of O’Neil and Sharp’s article “Assessing the fit between the objectives in learning and graduate programs and organizational requirements for practitioners,” involves the future of organizational graduates by employing sampling content of managerial hiring of graduates. However, organizational graduates can bridge the gap of the emerging issues developing in organizations (O’Neil, & Sharp, 2009). Nevertheless, authors implemented and compared data information with psychological and exploratory studies that attempts to bridge the gaps in assessing the organizational fit in learning and competency requirements between the professionals and academics. During, the studies the design developed a set of data by analyzing the content from the human resources department whereby describing the managerial skills in psychological aspects of graduates within the organizations (Day, & Glick, 2000). In determining an organizational fit research used traditional and psychological employees (O’Neil, & Sharp, 2009). Assessing the competency requirements in organizations employs Career Builders and Monster websites. Within the workplace the focus of organizations rely on the programs of individual development and training. One of the significant aspects of an organization is the department of human resources. In organizations various factors in human resources is necessary in yielding the best outcome. Studies within the article infer that individual managers are in the proper
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