Article Analysis: Obesity In America

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Obesity in America Calvin S. Smith October 13, 2013 As Americans, the people of this great nation have lots of health problems. A few of its terrible medical woes are: breast cancer, lung disease, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s. But one of those is not obesity. Obesity, or being extremely overweight, is not a disease of the body, but of the mind. Sure, several different medical problems can cause people to be overweight, however, those are far and few between. Obesity can also cause numerous other medical issues that a person would not normally have if they were not overweight. Americans can learn to prevent and cure obesity by learning to eat a healthy balanced diet within moderation,…show more content…
Many people that are overweight think they do not need to lose weight and that they are fine the way they are. Skin & Allergy News (2008) published an article about a huge reason to lose weight. The article states “A new comprehensive evidence-based report issued by an international expert panel provides an unprecedented analysis supporting the preventability of cancer by way of diet, exercise, and avoidance of obesity.” (p. 45) if this alone can’t influence America to lose weight, and then no one knows what will. Further reading of the article will show that the expert panel analyzed more than 7,000 studies to come up with this cancer prevention, including; Being as lean as possible within the normal range of body weighty, be physically active as part of everyday life, limit consumption of energy-dense foods, avoiding sugar drinks, all things linked to obesity. It could be said that obesity and cancer are very closely related. Mental attitude is everything when losing weight. According to Dr. Debra M. Wujcik, PhD, Obesity is a very difficult subject for patients and nurses. It is hard to tell a patient that they are sick because they are so overweight, and the patient just refuses to listen to the reasoning that they are sick because of their weight. It is this and more that is the biggest hurdle that Americans face when losing weight.…show more content…
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