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Editha Lopez Psychology 200 Professor Kohatsu 10-31-2011 Article Analysis 1 In Jairo N. Fuertes and Charles I. Gelso article they introduce a study on initial perceptions of male Hispanic counselors by two hundred twelve students of Euro Americans decedents. The Hispanics were analyzed on their speaking of Spanish accent or non Spanish accent, scores on there universal-diverse orientation (UDO), and theories of multicultural awareness. This Hispanics counselor are seen as racial groups and are denigrated because of there intelligence and friendliness. To many people of not the same racial group they are not seeing in how its shaping them. The study show us different perspectives and show us awareness in the view of an Hispanic with a professional careers. The outcomes came out with a good answer but there are weakness and strengths that are shown in the study that we might need to take a closer look. This study may show us all the perceptions of an Hispanic counselor but there might have flaws that it might need it more research. In the article, Perception of Hispanics Counselors by Fuertes and Gelso mention about the perceptions of Hispanic counselors by Euro Americans students. The decision to analyze an Hispanic counselor is because the growth of Hispanic minority in the United States and the second growing group in higher education. The perception are not view in a good matter because they view them on their racial and distinct relationship. The participants were analyzed in how was their perception in getting counsel someone of a different racial group. They let Euro Americans be the participants for the study because for them a race is a salient characteristics. The only thing that at times Hispanics could not be one type of race and have a racial diversity. Hispanic counselors that had an accent are denigrated by there intelligence and

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