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CCHS 315 Article Analysis By Cheryl Klinkner April 18, 2012 Title of Article Analyzed: Rosenstriech, D. R., Eggleston, P., Kattan, M., Baker, D., Slavin, R. G., Gergen, P., Malveaux, F. (1997). The role of Cockroach Allergy and Exposure to Cockroach Allergen in causing Morbidity among Inner-city Children with Asthma. The New England Journal of Medicine, 336(19). Retrieved April 10, 2012, from: SUMMARY: A comprehensive analysis of factors thought to be associated with inner-city children with asthma was conducted between November 1992 and October 1993. The hypothesis assessed the morbidity due to asthma among children who are both allergic to a specific allergen and exposed to high levels of that allergen in bedroom dust. Researchers used participants from the National Cooperative Inner-City Asthma Study population, which consisted of 1528 children with asthma from eight U.S. cities (Bronx, New York; East Harlem, New York; St. Louis; Washington, D.C.; Baltimore; Chicago; Cleveland; and Detroit) were recruited from thirteen emergency rooms and twenty-five health clinics. Home visits were made to the first 663 children who were recruited and complete information on all study variables was available for 476 children to be included in the study. Baseline information was obtained with an initial interview process that occurred with the children and their caregivers. A Prick–puncture skin test was then performed using a Multi-Test device with allergen extracts to assess hypersensitivity to cockroach, house-dust mite and cat allergen on the participants. The last step included home visits with collection of dust found on beds using a hand-held vacuum cleaner. For data analysis, the level of each allergen was labeled as high or low. After the baseline of information was obtained it was analyzed over the

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