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Date: March 2, 2012 To: Ms. Clare Cordero From: Mohammad Usman Safeer Subject: Analytical report on the journal article “Analysis of flow and heat transfer characteristics of micro-pin fin heat sink silver nanofluids” Purpose: On February 22, I was requested to analyze a peer reviewed journal article. This report provides an analysis on the readability of the article “Analysis of flow and heat transfer characteristics of micro-in fin heat sink silver nanofluids”. This report also evaluates the article’s use of scientific methods: whether the author applies real science of Pseudoscience. Background: The article discusses an experiment that prepares silver nanofluids with “different volume fractions, prepared by a one-step chemical reduction method”(Zeng et al). Heat sinks are improving because of continuous technological advancement. The author discusses the potential of micro-pin-fin heat sinks that use silver nanofluids. The experiment demonstrates that the pressure drop of nanofluids changes slightly with volume variation. In order to get a large pressure drop, a surfactant is introduced which increases the viscosity of the nanofluid, increasing the rate of heat transfer. Introduction I am studying mechanical engineering and my focus is thermodynamics. The article was chosen because it discusses the use of nanofluids in heat sinks. Heat sink is a key element of thermodynamics. This exercise provided me the opportunity to study writing techniques of professional mechanical engineers. I used the San Jose State University web library to search articles related to thermodynamics, and the chosen article caught my interest. The details about the article and the author are provided below. Article title: Analysis of flow and heat transfer characteristics of micro-pin fin heat sink using silver nanofluids Authors: Zhou MingZheng, Xia GuoDong, Chai Lei, Li

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