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Article 1 - Obama to Propose Capital Gains Tax Hikes to Benefit Middle Class In this article, the main topic discussed is the growth of the middle class. President Barack Obama throws new economic ideas, in order to try to help the middle class. One of the ideas is to raise capital gains to 28 percent. The end of the trust fund loophole has also been called into order. This specific loophole has been notified as the “single biggest loophole in our tax system today”. The senior White House officials have estimated $320 billion over 10 years, with a discussion of $120 billion contributing to the aid of the middle class. This event is meaningful to my life financially. My parents are in the middle class and eventually I will be in the middle class. The president is talking about putting a break on the middle class and putting more taxes on the wealthiest of the country. This could help the middle class enjoy a little more. Since this is my future, I will be affected greatly, on taxes, possibly salary and how I could budget my spending. This plan for economic construction and growth in the middle class could be very beneficial. Although, I don’t really think this bill will pass, at least not yet. With the Republican-controlled Senate House and House of Representatives, this bill could be very hard to pass. The republicans want no chance in the increase in taxes. This bill is very beneficial to the middle class, not so much to the wealthiest in the country. President Obama will have to be very persuasive to overturn the minds of the Republicans in this matter. Article 2 - Why Former NSA Chief Warns US Not Ready for Next Sony Attack In this article, the

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