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Dime Store Soles The points to be considered in the teaching: Carol’s feelings about her mother; ambivalent (conflicting) “love-hate” relationship; Father’s part in the story; The changes in Carol’s behavior and attitude as the story progressed; Economic hard times, family, and social pressure Carol and her parents had to face. Questions to be considered: a. What problems did Carol coma across? b. How did Carol copy with the shoe problem? c. How did Carol behave toward her mother at home? How did she respond to her classmates’ remarks about her mother? Did she have any conflicting feelings? If so how can you explain Carol’s conflicting feelings? Dime Store Soles · I was thirteen and there was a recession and I will always remember it as “The Year We Were Poor.” Daddy looked for work every day. He haunted the employment agency and religiously scrutinized the want ads,but there just weren’t any jobs in our small town. When our savings were gone, Mother found a part job in a drugstore “just to help out till Daddy finds something.” “You’re much too proud,Carol,” Mother kept saying. She was doing everything possible to economize and live frugally,while I was desperately trying to keep up appearances. “How can I explain to my friends that my dad can’t find a job?At least they don't have to know how poor we really are!” I pretended to enjoy taking my lunch in a sack and ware my last year’s clothes with an air of what-can-you-do-when-you-didn’t-outgrow-a-single-thing-and-you-have-a-practical-Mom? But there was no way to disguise my worn-out shoes. Daddy always bought my shoes.He spoiled me anyway,but shoes were something extra special.The only requirement was that they fit.Mother never failed to complain about our choice and she especially disliked loafers because they wore out fast,which was exactly my problem. She finally noticed

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