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Municipal Article #1- 7/10 - There aren't that many quotes but many names were included and something’s like the photos weren't credited very well. Article #2- 10/10 - This article had a lot of details, quotes, and names of people making the credibility very believable. Article #3 - 8/10- This article also included a lot of quotes and names of people and the credibility was well. Something’s were questionable like the dates and about the people talking. Article #4- 8/10 - This article was well credited with many quotes from different people with names included. If more dates and places were included than it wouldn't be as questionable. Article # 5- 9/10 -This article did a great job in credibility and was believable. Many names, places, quotes and dates were used. Provincial Article #6 – 7/10- This article did an okay job in credibility and was believable, something were questionable and not enough sources. Article #7 – 7/10- This article had a lot of names of people and sourced them well making only a little questionable. Article #8 – 6/10- This article had many quotes but lacked great credibility and got questionable. Article #9 – 9/10- This article was excellent in credibility making everything about it believable. Article #10 – 8/10- This article was written well with everything sourced well too, not many things questionable about it. Federal Article #11 – 7/10 -This article included many quotes and the credibility was well sourced but something’s made it poor in credibility. Article #12- 5/10-This article did a poor job in credibility and more names and people could have made it more believable. Article #13 – 6/10 -This article was okay in credibility and was more questionable. Article #14– 5/10 - This article did a poor job in credibility and sourcing. Article #15 – 8/10- This article had excellent credibility and few questions. Foreign

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