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Case study 1 chapter 03 A Real-life Situations 1. What are Joseph’s ethical problems? The Ethical problems in this case include honesty, integrity, fairness, intimidating behavior, and bribes. Even though, the policy handbook does not specifically state that kickbacks are against the law, the sales personnel basically knows, that kickbacks are unethical because it leads to lower quality and increases customers’ prices. Joseph also realized that Carl takes money out of his commission for kickbacks. Exchanging kickback are serious crimes. A kickback is effectively a bribe, a collusive agreement, designed to help or influence an individual, company, or government entity. 2. Imagine that you are Joseph. Discuss your options. Since Joseph discovered an unethical issue, it is his responsibility to report the behavior. If I where joseph I would do all I could to resolve the issue by going through the chain of command first. By not reporting this incidence, he is putting his job on the line and most of all can lead to criminal charges. Joseph tried to solve the problem with Carl, who has a large amount of the company’s existing sales, at a monthly meeting to try and solve the problem but was unsuccessful. Other options is to have a meeting with sales employees, with the boss present, regarding how the company will not tolerate any kind of unethical behavior and if anyone is caught, they will be fired on the spot. Also need to remind the sales team that kickbacks are illegal and can cause the company to have a bad reputation and can cost them their job. The last option would be to report the unethical issue to public bodies. 3 .As Joseph, what other information do you feel you need before making your decision?

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