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Name: __________Kelsey Mancuso_______________________________________________________ Evaluating Scholarly Articles Worksheet Please type answers to the following questions. Please be sure to number your answers to coordinate with the questions are listed below. Handwritten answers will not be accepted. Completing this worksheet is worth 50 possible points. Questions 1 - 7 focus on the information you will need to generate an APA citation for the scholarly journal article. 1. What is the name of the article? The name of the article is “Associations Between Online Friendship and Internet Addiction Among Adolescents and Emerging Adults.” 2. Who is/are the author/s? The authors are David Smahel, B. Bradford Brown, and Lukas Blinka. 3. What is the name of the journal? The name of the journal is “Developmental Psychology.” 4. In what year was the article published? The article was published in 2012. 5. In what volume and issue was the article published? The article was published in volume 48, issue 2. 6. What are the page numbers (page range) for the article? The page numbers for the article are 381-388. 7. Below is the general format for an APA citation of a journal article (drawn from Use this information as well as the answers to questions 1-6 to generate a citation in APA format for the journal article. APA style dictates that authors are named last name followed by initials; publication year goes between parentheses, followed by a period. The title of the article is in sentence-case, meaning only the first word and proper nouns in the title are capitalized. The periodical title is run in title case, and is followed by the volume number which, with the title, is also italicized. Author, A. A., & Author, B. B. (Date of publication). Title of

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