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Article 1 : Climate Change is here --- and worse than we thought James E. Hansen stated that “My projections about increasing global temperature have been true. But I failed to fully explore how quickly that average rise would drive an in case in extreme weather.” In his statement this expresses for the past six decades that global warming will increase climate change. The deadly European heat wave in 2003, the Russian heat wave in 2010 and the droughts in Texas and Oklahoma last year was a result of the climate change. The odds of natural variability are slim to none. Hansen introduced the concept of “climate dice “which helps long term climate change from our everyday weather. In normal climate without global warming two sides of the die would represent cooler than normal weather, whereas two sides would be normal weather and two sides would be warmer than normal weather. Occasionally you’ll see cooler than normal summers or a cold winter. There is a way that we can solve climate change if we raise the fee on carbon collected from fossil fuel companies with 100 percent of the money earned by residents of the United States . Also it would create clean energy with new jobs . Article 2 : Learning To Read Malcolm X ( 1925-1965 ) Malcolm X was locked up in Norfolk Prison Colony were he began writing letters to family and friends. When he first started writing letters he hadn’t gotten a reply because of his poor grammar. So he decided to acquire is own homemade education, he wasn’t just intelligent he just didn’t apply himself. Malcolm X was determined to learn so he kept reading aloud going over words that he didn’t understand and also looking up the meanings. Malcolm X wanted to broaden his learning so he began to copy the whole encyclopedia each tablet had a different letter of the alphabet. Every night he would lie in his bunk

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