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Government 2302 Critical Thinking Article Project 2 -Government in Current Events The principles of American Government are present in the daily activities reported in the news media. The effects of political culture, interest groups and state government. The concepts presented in our classroom are not stagnant, they are part of decisions that our federal, state and local leaders make on our behalf every day. This assignment is designed to assess your understanding of concepts presented in this course and how they relate to events reported in the media. Your task is to select a newspaper article that relates to the Context for Texas Government, the Texas Constitution, Texas Legislature, Governor or Courts. You will write a two page paper, typed, double spaced with 12 point font that describes how the article relates to one of these topic areas. Utilize the process for critical analysis to evaluate the information presented in your article. Evaluation will focus on the key areas - 1. Does the paper include accurate information that increases class knowledge on the topic? 2. Does the paper include discussion that is organized and demonstrates understanding of the topic area? 3. 3. Does the paper include data and is it presented in a way which demonstrates understanding of the topic? 4. Does the paper analyze various points of view and identify important counter arguments, implications and consequences? 5. Does the paper include evaluation of the issue and offer alternatives. ? Students should attach a copy of the article. The paper should include a footnote on the last page to include the author, name of the publication and the date the article was written. Internet sources can be used but only if they are newspapers. Web addressed and the date the article was accessed should also be included. . The article should be a

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