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FRUITS OF HARDWORK Hard work, patience and trust to each other: those are the qualities that the LCBA HS Volleyball Boys possess and the main key why they became the champion in the Cluster Meet 2012 at LCBA quadrangle. Different schools from Calamba private and public participated in the said event. Every team had their ace player and conducted long hours of training to prepare their players for the big battle. The competition in the volleyball boy’s department is the most awaited part of the event. Everyone knows how strong each team and everybody wants to see how some players improved from last year. The first round of the competition started well. Both the LCBA volleyball boys and girls became undefeated and given the twice to beat advantage for the final round. The team of the girls fought against the Eduardo Barretto National High School while the boys are facing the strong team of Castor Alviar National High School. The fight between the girls team is very memorable. In the middle of the fifth set the rain pours and they need to stop the game. You can feel the pressure in the atmosphere. Some says it will continue the other day but the officials decided to continue it when the rain stops. In the end, LCBA volleyball girls lost the fight in a very small margin. In spite the lost of the girl’s team, the boy’s team shows how dedicated they are to win the battle. Balls are thrown from different side of the courts. Unstoppable spikes and blocks are done by the young lycans that make the crowd went wild. There are thrash talk in the court and as well as from their supporters. After five sets of long rallies, the boy’s team got the fruit of their hard work as they won the big fight. Their coaches are proud very proud of them. Now, they are still having their training as part of their preparation for the next competition. UP MADE IT WITH A BANG! A major

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