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JOURNAL ARTICLE CRITIQUE of Holmes, Christopher R.J. (Vol.2)“God’s Attributes as God’s Clarities: Wolf Krotke Doctrine of the Divine Attributes.” International Journal of Systematic Theology (January 2008), p.54-72. Choses topic for JAC 1: Attributes of God THEO 525 LUO (Winter 2012) Systematic Theology I Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary Jason T. January 01, 2012 Introduction and Summary In the article, “God’s Attributes as God’s Clarities: Wolf Krotke’s Doctrine of the Divine Attributes” by the Christopher Holmes R.J., the author introduces German systematic theologian Wolf Krotke who presents a very interesting point on God’s four dissimilar attributes as God’s clarities. Wolf Krotke amplifies four different attributes of God’s love, power, truth, and eternity; and he explains every attribute of God’s in detail. According to Krotke, every attribute of God is symbolically attached to the material world, and defines Krotke’s theology in regard to concreteness. Holmes finalizes his article by critical interaction with Krotke’s theology, that benefits Germany. Holmes compared Krotke’s work with Karl Barth who sets the doctrine of the Trinity at the opening of Church Dogmatics. Critical Interaction The author of the article spends a lot of time and energy in researching Karl Barth’s doctrine of the trinity by trying to summarize all of God’s divine attributes. Christopher Holmes in his article pursues critical interaction with Wolf Krotke trying to correlate and relate to Krotke’s theological point of view on four of God’s attributes with a lot of references in his article. Holmes clarifies Krotke’s theology as doctrine of God and His four attributes in his article. He amplifies the fact that theologians like Wolf Krotke and other theological colleagues have revealed to the world a very important and a missed point of view in

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