Article 1 Your Dna, Decoded

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The Journey to Careers course is a class that guides you to develop the skills to be a successful professional. This class helped us and challenged us to learn, practice, and apply life skills for future careers. This class taught us a numerous amount of things, it taught us career exploration, resume and cover letters, interview skills and more. This class taught us how to communicate, use teamwork with diverse type of people and accountability skills. Beginning the course, we discovered our future careers. I am a person who is eager to talk to other people and I am passionate about something no matter how big or how small it is .My occupation is to be a marketing executive and the salary for that career is $90,000 a year. I’ve chosen to become a marketing executive in the future because marketing executives work closely with other employees such as advertising, market research, production, sales and distribution. A successful marketing executive has a strong vision for what they want to accomplish for the brand in the present and in the future. But, marketing isn’t just planning marketing strategies and business processes. A high level marketing executive is able to garner support from business leaders in all levels of a company. The purpose of marketing is to attract attention, create interest and build relationships. This is the type of career I want to pursue in the future. When discovering what career I wanted to pursue, I interviewed a couple of people. The first person I interviewed was a retired marketing executive named Brook Lawson. She knew she wanted to become a marketing executive when she went to a conference in college and observed the women who facilitated the event and decided she wanted to be just like those women. She worked in the marketing business for 32 years and made many achievements but also went through

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