Articals of Confederation Essay

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The Articles of Confederation The Articles of Confederation were what most would call a successful failure. While they did not create a long lasting government that could weather the test of time, it did provide the foundation for our nation. The articles were an idealistic ideal that seemed good on paper, but when put they were put to use the short comings quickly showed through. The various benefits; such as establishing a unified chain of command for the military, establishing a central government to negotiate with foreign powers, and allowing for a national banking system were outweighed by short comings like the inability for the central government to levy taxes and to pass any legislation that would limit the power of the member states. The member states to put it simply had too much power and without a strong central government to bind them and when needed corral them, that would have torn this nation apart. The most significant effect of the Articles was that it united the thirteen states and gave them common voice when dealing with other countries. This allowed for the successful negotiation for an alliance with France, if it were not for the Articles of Confederation each state would have had to send a representative to negotiate on its behalf. This would have created a diplomatic nightmare as each state tried to put forth its own agenda. Another major benefit of the articles was the establishment of a firm chain of command for a national army and giving the army command over state militias. Lacking that specific power each state would have had final say over where its militia was sent and who commanded it. Finally the power for the central government to issue national currency and establish a national bank, this may not seem like a big deal, but it allowed for a uniform banking system to be formed with one central currency. If there had been no uniform

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