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fiuTABLE OF CONTENT DEDICATION ACKNOWLEDGEMENT ABSTRACT CHAPTER ONE 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of study 1.2 Objective of study 1.3 Advantages of study 1.4 Limitations of study CHAPTER TWO 2.0 LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 Turning Test Approach 2.2 Thinking Humanly: The Conative Modelling Approach 2.3 Thinking Rationally: The Laws of Thought Approach 2.4 Acting Rationally: The Rational Agent Approach 2.5 Branches of Artificial Intelligence 2.5.1 Robotics 2.5.2 Vision System 2.5.3 Natural Language Processor 2.5.4 Learning System 2.5.5 Neural Network 2.5.6 Expert System 2.6 The Future of Artificial Intelligence 2.7 Applications of Artificial Intelligence CHAPTER THREE 3.0 CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATION 3.1 Conclusion 3.1 Recommendation REFERENCE Acknowledgment I will like to express my gratitude to God almighty for giving me the grace to write . Mrikennaoluigbo, who put the ladder of challenge in research on I.T for me. My supervisor in my seminar I.T report, department of information management technology, FUTO Finally to my family, friends and co- i.t students whose advice, contributions and company helped in the success of this industrial training. Dedication I dedicate this report to almighty GOD, the maker of heaven and earth, and to my parents Mr. /Mrs. P. C OKEREKE for always being there for me. ABSTRACT Significantly, Artificial Intelligence [AI] is a universal field. It is generally associated with computer science but has important links with other fields such as maths, psychology etc. Artificial intelligence has helped in our various day activities. Things are simplest form –Artificial intelligence tends to achieve human –level performance in all cognitive tasks. Artificial intelligence has to do with Turing test, thinking rationally etc. element of AI include robotics, vision system,
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