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Zimmerman Telegram- While the European Nations were in war with each other, the United States decided to remain neutral. The stayed out of the war until a group of British cryptographers "deciphered a telegram from German Foreign Minister, Arthur Zimmerman, to the German Minister to Mexico, von Eckhardt, offering United States territory to Mexico in return for joining the German cause" (Alexander). This term is significant because this is what brought the United States into World War 1. They declared war on Germany and it's allies on April 6, 1917. Bull moose Party- The term " bull moose" comes from a quote Theodore Roosevelt stated when he was being questioned if he was fit for being the next president and he said,…show more content…
The amendment also allowed the United States to enter into the country of Cuba if things were to go wrong, or if things got out of hand. The amendment showed a sense of peace and friendship between the two countries. The Haymarket Riot- On May 4, 1886, a labor protest rally occurred near Chicago's Haymarket Square. The rally would soon turn into a riot after a bomb was thrown at a police officer. A total of 8 people died during the Haymarket Riot. Eight extreme labor activists were blamed for bombing the Square. The rally was apart of the labor movement, the citizens were unhappy with the working conditions such as hours, wages, and space. It is significant because it showed they were willing to do anything to get there point across and make their voices be heard. Fireside Chats- The fireside chats were how the president FDR made his speeches heard around the United Staes through the radio. They were significant because the United States were going through such a hard time, The Great Depression, and these speeches were made to help encourage the citizens of America. They enforced a feeling that with the new president the economy

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