Arthur Schopenhauer "Men of Learning"

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Jana Warrick Period 1 February 12, 2013 AP Language Argument Essay In this short passage by Arthur Schopenhauer, he states “Men of learning are those who have read the contents of books. Thinkers, geniuses and those who have furthered the race of men are those who have made direct use of the book of the world”. Schopenhauer claims that an individual will be very intelligent and educated by reading books, but simply reading books for knowledge or entertainment will never greatly influence the surroundings of an individual. He exclaims that only a man who follows his internal instinct and thinks for himself will have an impact on the world. Many people use reading as an escape from the world and a chance to give the body and mind a break. It allows the mind to relax because it only has to focus on what is being read. Books can be beneficial to retain information but in order to progress, it is important to expound and stretch the mind based on the reading. If an individual constantly is reading than I believe that there is no opportunity to let the mind grow and develop its own ideas. Schopenhauer uses the analogy of a spring being constantly held under a heavy weight comparing the mind constantly being held back by reading books. The brain is like a muscle and in order for muscles to grow and develop, they must undertake heavy weight training and consistent effort in order to get the results desired. Many people do not realize that muscle is not built while at the gym working out, but after the fact. Muscles become relaxed after being broken down by heavy weights at the gym, which is when tissue builds back up connecting the muscle and making it appear larger over time. The brain is similar in which it will not develop to its full capability if we are constantly filling it with information from books. The mind needs an opportunity to think for itself and

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