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Arthur Cayley was a man who had many titles: mathematician, lawyer, and professor. Cayley descended from the ancient Yorkshire family and was a nephew of Sir George Cayley, an aeronautics engineer. Arthur Cayley was an excellent algorist and also invented many theories and methods including, group theory, matrix algebra, theory of invariants, and higher-dimensional geometry. While Arthur Cayley was intelligent, others contradicted him such as William Rowan Hamilton. They battle until the end of their careers about whose methods were more superior to each other. In his early life, however, his father wished for him to enter the family business as a merchant, but his math teacher advised him to pursue his studies in math. He obviously went with what his math teacher told him and became one of the greatest mathematicians in the 19th century. Arthur Cayley wasn't only focused on one subject. Just like me, he had many hobbies, which included painting and reading. Cayley was also someone who did things such as, work, individually and so do I. I don't plan on being a famous mathematician, lawyer, or professor, but I plan to be successful at many things and not just one career. I would also compare myself to him because he decided to take his own path and continue to study math as opposed to taking his father's advice and becoming a part of the family business. I also plan on taking my own path instead of taking my mother's advice in becoming a nurse. Arthur Cayley accomplished many things, not only in just one subject, but many. Arthur Cayley was a well-accomplished mathematician, and I have many similarities with him. We also have many differences, however. He was interested in astronomy and mechanics, and I have no interest in those two subjects. Arthur Cayley was also very focused on his work, as opposed to procrastinating, which is something I do a lot. His

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